Crazy Neighbor is honored to receive national recognition while representing our state in Architectural Digest's feature "Most Beautiful Independent Store in Every State in America."  See the list by clicking HERE.  "...These little shops embody the heart and soul of their locations."  So true! But we bet you knew that all along. Thank you for your support!  Come see our new products and specials!  

 Our friends at Greenbelt Magazine charmed us with a lovely feature last year, helping us make  acquaintance with even more local "crazies" who found their way into our  shop. Their article highlighted our broad ranging inventory – from hats  to makeup, jewelry to housewares and definitely from glitz to glamour!  Read about Crazy Neighbor HERE.  

 It was all about Boise... (that's Boy C, not Boy Z!) in The Boston Globe's  look at one of the fastest growing cities in the country. Highlighting  the best of our city, you can get a glimpse at what lures many tourists  and new residents to Boise. You'll find Crazy Neighbor among the celebrants that make Boise worth seeing HERE.  

 Annually Crazy Neighbor participates in a national promotion called Shop Small Saturday,  a seasonal themed advertising campain celebrating small, independently  owned retail shops across the country. Fun in-store happenings and  special discounts are featured. Although hosted in winter, you can read  more about the event and Crazy Neighbor in a feature from our local KIVI Channel 6 news  HERE.